The SCG Charter


The Charter outlines the ethos and fundamental characteristics of our Vision of New Generation Learning.

To provide a non-denominational, independent education for Australian students and families that exemplifies international standards of quality in pedagogical practices, learning environments and education support systems.

Our students are the central focus of all of our endeavours.

Our Standards of Excellence

We will:

  • Create a dynamic learning environment and stimulate innovation in its many forms, but in particular in pedagogy, curricula, resource use, community-building and business practice.
  • Emphasise shared leadership, responsibility and accountability as a way of achieving excellence.
  • Establish and nurture professional learning communities which ensure a sense of pride and belonging.
  • Expect our staff, students and volunteers to demonstrate high levels of personal conduct in all aspects of school life.
  • Offer incentive systems which reward the personal achievement and collaborative successes of our staff.
  • Provide facilities and grounds which meet the highest standards of sustainable design, construction and maintenance.


We expect our students to:

  • Engage continuously in learning.
  • Achieve their potential.
  • Establish qualities of self-understanding, confidence, optimism, high self-esteem, and a commitment to personal excellence.
  • Have the capacity for, and skills in, analysis and problem-solving and the ability to communicate ideas and information, to plan and organize activities, and to collaborate with others.
  • Exercise judgment and responsibility in matters of morality, ethics and social justice, and accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • Be informed citizens with an active understanding and appreciation of Australia’s system of government and civic life.
  • Be confident and considered users of new technologies.
  • Have an understanding of, and concern for, the stewardship of the natural environment.
  • Have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Our staff will:

  • Be unrelenting in their commitment to our students.
  • Build learning partnerships with our families.
  • Engage in the continuous improvement of teaching, learning and administration through innovation, evaluation and review.


We will:

  • Provide a child-centred program which is founded on internationally-recognised curriculum, pedagogical and evaluation principles.
  • Value the full diversity of social, cultural and academic backgrounds of our students and strive to provide a fully comprehensive curriculum that respects the full range of capabilities and needs of our students.


We will:

  • Provide our families with access to a full array of services to meet the academic, physical, cultural and social needs of their children.
  • Encourage and enable positive participation from the School’s broader community.


Our facilities will:

  • Be structured to enable children to engage in New Generation Learning.
  • Be flexible to accommodate a range of teaching-learning environments.
  • Be child-oriented, safe, aesthetically appropriate, and contribute to the wellbeing of all members of the school community.
  • Incorporate the highest standards of sustainability, design, construction and maintenance.

Business Model

Our business model will:

  • Enable us to deliver an internationally-reputable education in a cost-effective way for the benefit of students, parents and the community.
  • Operate on a not-for-profit basis and ensure that our funds are applied to enriching the potential of our students.