Our School

Southern Cross Grammar (SCG) is a vibrant, F-12 school focused on maximising the learning of every member in our school community. Founded in the 21st century, we have modern, up-to-date facilities, teaching and learning practices. With a capacity to balance traditional approaches with contemporary ideas supported by latest research, we are committed to selecting the best methods to suit our students' needs. Our students enjoy the liberal curriculum and variety of opportunities we provide.

The facilities, the overall size of the school and the way we teach, all support our focus on the care and knowledge of each individual. We maintain a commitment to providing personalised learning experiences for our students from Foundation to Year 12. Our students, parents and staff enjoy a deep sense of belonging as part of a strong community. This high level of care and inclusion forms an integral part of our students' high performance in their studies.

We enjoy a diverse, collaborative and productive community, where people make the most of the opportunities provided. At SCG our students enjoy challenging themselves and we work hard to provide scope for every child to experience success. We promote student voice and agency which develops independence and confidence. Our families are very supportive and are valued as key partners in supporting our students' success.

SCG provides a variety of pathways to excellence by adopting a personal approach to recognising and developing each student's personal strengths. In addition to national sporting representation, awards for citizenship and general academic achievement, the school has introduced an exciting select entry pathway for Music and STEM at Year 7, with this new program being introduced in 2021. We admire the determination and perseverance required to master an instrument or the sustained effort to master any worthwhile endeavour.

Our school is very well resourced with access to the latest technologies to support learning and as topics of interest in their own right. As a school, we recognise that in some instances, students require the best equipment to create outstanding outcomes. But at other times, we limit resources intentionally to encourage enterprising attitudes and innovative problem solving. Students who contribute to their community and know the value of sustained effort are a great fit for our school.

Our students enjoy learning beyond the classroom, in local and international settings. We enjoy the teamwork and competition of house and regional sports, and the cultural and academic challenges that allow students to test their abilities at a school, local or national level.

With an enriching camps program, starting in junior classrooms and moving to interstate and international travel, our students' progress to independence is supported by many authentic and enriching activities.

We are committed to the holistic development of each child and view activities such as running a small business or taking on leadership roles as an important part of our overall program at SCG.

We have a clear vision for our school and remain committed to an intimate, small student population, with a modern and impressive campus supported by high performing and caring staff.

Together, we have shown great resilience and an ability to build positive futures with our community. We are confident that we are well-placed to continue to provide a highly personalised and impactful experience for our families into the future.