2024 Fees Schedule


Year Level Tuition Fee Composite Fee Total Fee Payable
Foundation $9,970 $750 $10,720
Year 1 $9,970 $750 $10,720
Year 2 $9,970 $750 $10,720
Year 3 $10,480 $1,250 $11,730
Year 4 $10,480 $1,250 $11,730
Year 5 $10,880 $1,650 $12,530
Year 6 $10,880 $1,650 $12,530
Year 7 $12,420 $2,200 $14,620
Year 8 $12,420 $2,200 $14,620
Year 9 $12,420 $2,200 $14,620
Year 10 $13,930 $1,500 $15,430
Year 11 $13,930 $1,500 $15,430
Year 12 $13,930 $1,500 $15,430

Sibling Discounts


Sibling discounts are applied to the Tuition Fee. The sibling in the highest year level is classified as the first sibling through to the siblings in the lowest year level and does not relate to the order in which students commenced at the school.

Where more than one tuition discount is available to a student, the discount of higher value is applied only.


Second sibling: 10%
Third sibling 20%
Fourth and subsequent siblings: 30%


Please note: Tuition and Composite Fees will be charged at a pro-rata rate for students commencing during the year


Composite Fee


The Composite Fee includes education subscriptions for students, class resources, camps up to and including Year 8. Information and pricing for our voluntary camp programs will be provided during the school year.

Instrumental Music lesson charges


Per Lesson Annual Fee
32 x 30 Minute Lessons $48.00 $1,536
32 x 45 Minute Lessons $72.00 $2,304
32 x 60 Minute Lessons $96.00 $3,072
Ensembles $20




Information about Year 7 to Year 12 stationery requirements are available on our Schoolbox portal for families.


Payment of Fees


The School’s preferred payment method is Direct Debit.

Payments via direct debit are from February to November inclusive. Deductions can be by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) at either weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals. Alternatively, deductions from a bank account can be fortnightly or monthly.

To join a direct debit please download the relevant direct debit form below. These forms are fillable and can be digitally signed. Upon completion, forms are to be emailed to student.tuition@scg.vic.edu.au

Families not paying via direct debit invoice will receive two invoices across the school year for Tuition, Composite and Instrumental Music (if applicable) charges. The first instalment invoice will be emailed in mid-December.

Download the Direct Debit Authority Form (Bank Account), Direct Debit Authority Form (Credit Card), and Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Download the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Application Form

For more information including eligibility and due dates, please click here.

Notice of Withdrawal


Students who withdrawal before completion of Year 12 will be charged a Departure Processing Fee of $1,500.

Where a full term (10 term weeks) written notice (as required by the School’s Conditions of Entry) is provided the Departure Processing Fee will be waived.



Music Fees

Private Instrumental Music lessons comprise 16 lessons per semester.

30 minute lessons: $656 per semester ($41.00 per lesson)
45 minute lessons: $984 per semester ($61.50 per lesson)
String Ensembles: $80 per semester

Applications and enquiries for enrolment in the Private Instrumental Music program can be made to music@scg.vic.edu.au.

Please note the Terms and Conditions, which is provided to all students on application to the program, for student withdrawal and the provision of make-up lessons where the student is absent for the scheduled lesson.

Please note: Tuition and Composite Fees will be charged at a pro-rata rate for students commencing during the year.