STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at SCG

STEM is considered an integral part of the curriculum at SCG. Through a hands-on, experimental approach, STEM programs make learning more purposeful and connected to the world outside the classroom.

A variety of Robotics electives are offered at Year 8 and Year 9 levels, with STEM initiatives regularly incorporated into the Science, Digital Technologies and Mathematics curricula. A Year 10 Engineering elective is also offered as a segway into VCE and engineering-related courses and interests beyond school.

Students can also join the Robotics Club and learn to build and code robots that compete in the RoboCup Junior Australia competitions.

Many aspects of coding have been incorporated in the Digital Technologies curriculum, and students are provided with the opportunity to convert their ideas into actual designs using 3D printers. Various units of work also allow students the opportunity to program drones and participate in design technologies structures and problem-solving tasks.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club is a STEM initiative, and provides an opportunity for students to design and code robots to perform various tasks. The program is designed to engage students in tasks that enhance their analytical abilities, and students also have the opportunity to take part in RoboCup Junior Australia competitions at various levels. The Robotics Club is open to students from Year 5 to Year 12 via an application process.