2018 VCE Results

A historic moment was realised at Southern Cross Grammar with the conclusion of the 2018 school year, and with our first group of students finishing Year 12. The cohort of eighteen students can feel very proud of their achievements, as all of them have now successfully completed their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

The tight-knit group of students have led the way in an admirable fashion, and contributed much to our young school. 2019 will not be quite the same without their presence.

Nearly 30% achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) above 80, with many of these rankings in the high eighties or in the nineties. The School’s first Dux achieved an ATAR in the nineties. More than 60% of students achieved an ATAR above 70, which was comfortably above the median Victorian ATAR score in the mid-60 range.

Study Scores of 40 or higher are extremely hard to achieve, as they are only awarded to the top 8% of students enrolled in each Study across the state. Six Southern Cross Grammar students achieved a total of 11 Study Scores of 40 or higher in six different Studies. This is an excellent achievement and a fine reward for the students’ hard work and dedication.

Southern Cross Grammar would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students who successfully completed one or more Year 12 Studies, including the twenty-four Year 11 students involved this year.

We wish our VCE students all the best for 2019 in whatever pathway they choose to follow—whether it be commencing tertiary studies or employment, taking a gap year, or completing Year 12. We are proud of the way they have contributed to making our school what it is today!