Growing Positive Futures in our Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

We are delighted to be leading the next generation of scientists with the launch of our plant tissue culture laboratory, in collaboration with Professor Mitter and her incredible team of scientists from the University of Queensland.

The plant tissue culture lab comes as part of our commitment to support our students’ ambition of high performance in STEM by providing cutting-edge technologies and environments often only found in universities and institutions of higher learning and research. In providing opportunities for our students to experience working and learning in a specialised biotechnology lab whilst being led by industry-leading professionals, anything is possible for our students.

We thank Professor Mitter and her team for their generosity, skill, and genuine passion for partnering with us as we educate and develop tomorrow’s scientists in building a better and brighter future. We look forward to sharing updates and cutting-edge learning from the lab as we continue our work with Professor Mitter and her team.