Leading Future Scientists with Professor Neena Mitter

Congratulations to Professor Neena Mitter and her talented team at the University of Queensland on the success of their world-first rootstock trial which sees 500 avocado trees created from a single milimetre cutting. We are privileged to be collaborating with Professor Mitter’s incredible team in designing a plant tissue and stem cell lab as part of our 2022 Science and Technology upgrades. The upgrades will be completed in time for The Centauri Project‘s launch in 2022.

Professor Mitter has been incredibly generous with her time, intellect and experience in offering to work with SCG teachers and students to design and develop skills and experiences for our school that often are the domain of universities only.

Connecting with universities and industry partners is an important part of our learning strategy at SCG: bringing authentic, up to date research to our students and providing real mentors for students wanting to extend themselves by making a difference though science.

Next year at SCG, as you walk through the STEM precinct, you will be greeted by the pink glow of our new plant tissue and stem cell lab and the cutting edge, challenging learning it will be supporting.

We are excited to be leading the next generation of scientists at SCG.