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At Southern Cross Grammar we seek to engage the very best of teaching and support staff to achieve our vision of being the school of choice in the western region of Melbourne and of providing an inspirational education where each student achieves their personal best.

We seek to attract, develop and retain the best employees by offering a unique package of employee benefits, providing a comprehensive professional and personal development program and by building thriving learning communities for our staff under the vision of new generation learning.

Please note: Applicants for teaching appointments at Southern Cross Grammar must be registered (or be eligible to be registered) to teach in Victorian non-government schools and need to be prepared to implement the new generation learning program.

Please submit applications via SEEK.
Southern Cross Grammar Charter

Available Positions

Position Description

What are the Expectations?

Everything which happens at Southern Cross Grammar is potentially a positive educational experience.  We need teachers who know how to make it so!  It is this, more than anything, which makes working in a school like Southern Cross Grammar so rewarding.

All teaching staff participate in the School's total educational program.  It is fundamental to the quality of the professional environment of the School that teachers view their contacts with students outside the classroom as being as important as any other contact.  Contact with our students on the games field, in music, drama, debating and all the other varied activities which bring girls and boys and the teacher together, directly contribute to the quality of teaching and learning.  Involvement in the total life of the School is an important way of lending professional support to colleagues.

Pastoral contact between teacher and the student is central to the School's ethos where each child is valued for their unique contribution and provided with a rich array of opportunities to discover their special talents and abilities. The School believes that success is derived through an individualised approach, positive encouragement, high expectations and the ability to respond in a determined way to challenges.

Over the last 7 years, Southern Cross Grammar has grown in response to strong community and support to become a F-12 school and it will not be uncommon for teachers to have contact with students across the School.  To be a successful teacher at Southern Cross Grammar is to be challenged by the possibility of teaching to all ages and to all abilities.

Southern Cross Grammar's Vision

The vision for the school is that classes within year groups will be clustered into three separate sub-schools: Junior School (Foundation - Year 4), Middle School (Year 5 - Year 9) and Senior School (Year 10 - Year 12), each with its own Head of School. The Heads of Schools are responsible for the pastoral care of the year groups under their jurisdiction, as well as curriculum and administrative matters in association with the Head of Teaching and Learning (F-12).

The curriculum at Southern Cross Grammar has as is guiding vision, New Generation Learning with each curriculum department responsible for the teaching of those subjects from Foundation to Year 12.  Each Faculty has considerable autonomy, operates its own budget and meets regularly.  Leaders of Learning meet as the Curriculum Committee.

The Departments are: Science, English, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Modern Languages, Business, NGL/Enterprise, SOSE and Information Technology, Design and Technology, Health, and Physical Education/Recreational Studies.

A special feature of the School is the Southern Cross Grammar Student Services Team which will in time have its own
Co-ordinator and support staff.  The Centre co-ordinates all individualised programs and activities, including gifted and talented and support programs.

Southern Cross Grammar's Teaching Facilities

The general teaching areas at Southern Cross Grammar are modern and well-appointed. Specialist teaching areas such as laboratories and technical study areas are well-equipped and a regular program of refurbishment is observed.

If You Decide to Apply for a Position at Southern Cross Grammar

Be sure to tell the Principal as much about yourself as you can.  Clearly he needs to know your professional qualifications and experience in teaching.  Remember, however, that he will also be considering whether you will match the style of the School and the very special professional and cultural expectations it will demand of you, in particular the Student Centred Vision and New Generation Learning models.

Prospective teachers should read carefully the outlines pertaining to the ethos and vision of the school together the documentation regarding the Student Centred Vision and New Generation Learning models.

Your talents, hobbies and interests together with your career ambitions are all important.

You may send open testimonials if you wish, but the Principal will certainly also want to speak with some confidential referees about you and reserves the right to seek other feedback in determining the best candidate.  You should nominate two referees in your application.

If you are invited to attend an interview, by all means ask searching questions. To be a successful and fulfilled teacher at Southern Cross Grammar, you must like it as well.  It must be your sort of school.