Principal’s Welcome


The twin strengths of Southern Cross Grammar are its students and its outstanding staff.  It is our teachers' ability to understand, encourage, teach and lead the students at Southern Cross Grammar that makes it such a positive experience and a great school for girls and boys.

We believe that each child has a unique set of gifts and talents - our task is to provide a success rich environment that allows our students the opportunity to discover, realise and celebrate their special abilities.

Under the vision of New Generation Learning, we seek to provide a contemporary perspective in all areas of our operation. Incorporating time tested approaches and an emphasis on high expectations; we are deliberately a forward-looking, innovative school seeking to provide exceptional academic, sporting and cultural opportunities.

At the heart of every action, every activity, every program is the student. Put simply, we act with the best interests of the student in mind from the boardroom to the classroom. Our forward looking, competency orientated Student Centred Vision provides the directional basis for all members of our community.

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Please contact us if we can be of assistance as you work towards making one of the most important decisions you will need to - finding the right school for your son or daughter.

Andrew Ponsford