Senior Years

Senior School students at Southern Cross Grammar are recognised as contemporary thinkers, emerging leaders and engaged global citizens. Our Student-Centred Vision sets us on a clear course to grow and develop our Senior School and create a culture where students are inspired and encouraged to achieve their personal best in their final years of schooling. With a strong focus on independence and personal responsibility, our Senior School students are actively involved in leadership of the student body.

As a growing school community, we aspire to strong and confident academic results. Our first cohort of students will complete their VCE in 2018 and we look forward to celebrating their achievements. In the lead-up to VCE, our Senior School students have achieved well academically and they are on a clear path to VCE success. With an extensive range of subjects, we cater to the personal needs, interests and passions of our students, aligning their choices to tertiary study and future career aspirations.

Our Homeroom program encourages Senior School students to understand the need for balance, this includes their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Our staff are dedicated professionals, committed to providing the best opportunities for our students.

Situated in our recently completed VCE Centre, our students work, learn and grow in a space that is designed with them in mind. A contemporary careers program, as well as a focus on developing study skills and the characteristics and qualities that will empower them for future change and challenges, all form part of a Senior School that is ready to welcome returning and new students into Years 10, 11 and 12.

Continuous improvement occurs when sustained effort, purpose, knowledge and action are combined, with a focus on achieving goals and the path we take to achieve them. The goal may be the end point, but the path is paved smoothly when relationships built on trust are developed, and there is a commitment to collaborating and upholding standards.

At Southern Cross Grammar, we seek to walk alongside our students, and guide them to understand their learning intentions and make informed choices about their actions and behaviours.

Quality learning is possible when we share confidence in every learner’s capacity to learn and uphold high expectations for success. We are in this together.